Townsville to Albury 2004


29 November to 21 December

Finally on the road again. We left Townville on the 29th of November. First stop in Mackay where we stayed the night. Next day only a 100 KM to a free campsite at the beach. We camp right at the water edge and it is very quiet. Good for a rest. Two nights here.

Carmilla Beach


On Friday we made it a long day because we had to be in Brisbane where we stayed with Phyl and Marylin Britton. We had a look around Brisbane for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday and headed for Goodna for a 90th birthday party. Bien van Kammen was the first Dutch family we got to know after we arrived in Australia. We had a very pleasant time there. From here we started driving west. Our first stop was Ipswich where we stayed in the showground.   Next stop Warwick. That night we had so much rain which we had not seen for years. Luckily it had all gone in the morning. But there was more rain disaster to come. The next night we free camped in a rest area and decided to find a nice spot at the back with views of the open landscape.  

8 December.  During the night we had a lot more rain and it transformed the area in a mudbath in which the wheels disappeared. Luckily the mobile phone did reach and a tow truck was called. One hour and $200 later we were out. About an hour later a bit of water over the road damaged the alternator. We are now in a van park and the bus will be hopefully fixed by tomorrow.  The park has four swimming pools. Thee with different temperature water from a thermal spring and one (cold) one with normal water. It took two days to get the alternator repaired. We actually camped in the repair shop's yard.


As you can see we are not the only motor home with trouble.

A lot of rain over the last couple of days.  We initially wanted to travel south but decided to head west to Lightning Ridge.  It also meant that we missed al the floodwaters in Narrabri. Lightning Ridge is a fascinating place. Apparently if you want to get lost in Australia this is the place to be. A lot of criminals here who don't want to be found. The bush is littered with caravans and tin shacks.  I did not see any powerlines go to the huts. There are mullock heaps everywhere. We watched a film  on opals an they showed an areal view of the place. Where it should have been green all you could see was white rock which came from about 25 metres underground.

One of the more upper class places in town.

13 December and we heading towards Dubbo.  Before we reached the place We found a beautiful spot in the bush. Open space and a creek just behind us. At the moment there are a lot of locust around and the windscreen protector has to be scraped clean every night. Sometimes it is just like a hail storm.


Next day again towards Dubbo but we saw a sign say: Warrumbungle National Park. So we headed that way. This was the best decision. It was a long walk in the park 12 Km. but the view was worth it. A lot of climbing and even half way you can't believe that you are going to be at the top of it all.


The breadknife Warrumbungle National Park

When we had seen it all and were exhausted we decided to camp in the same spot as the night before. A lot of birds and kangaroos and also a few rabbits.  Finally heading towards Dubbo, a place I have heard of before. We spend a day here.  Walking around the place and visiting the "Goal"  or jail. From there on south. Another bush camp. Not really bush as we have a shower every night. There is no one around to see you as the shower is outside the bus. With the satellite we have TV every night and the drink cupboard is never empty. You can see we are really roughing it.  The scenery is very nice but monotonous. Fairly flat country with grain or paddocks as far as you can see.  Over the last few days we have gone through places we have never heard of. But this is going to change soon. We are heading towards Albury/Wodonga and therefore leaving NSW and going in to Victoria. Only 6 days before X Mas and no idea yet where we are going to be.

17 December and another sunset.

17 December. Wagga Wagga. We decided to stay a few days here and booked in to an caravan park. The park is next to the Murrumbidgee river. Good swimming.  An old city with beautiful old buildings. Susan went to church and tonight 19/12  we go to the park for Christmas carols.     21 December and we are in Wodonga. Beautiful weather and  a nice camping area. The most expensive so far $25 for one night. That means free camping again over the next couple of days.

A lot of cartoons have been made with this pub in it.

The next day exploring Albury  and the largest migrant centre where a few people we know who migrated to Australia stayed when they arrived. A visit to the museum had also a lot of information on Bonegilla. We started in Brisbane in a centre like this.  We also made a trip with a paddle steamer on the Murray River. Later in the afternoon we travelled south.