On the way back from Cockle Creek we had a "small" mishap. When I stopped on the side of the road to let another motor home pass there just happen to be a drain with a lot of undergrowth. I got too close and the bus slipped on the embankment. Lucky there were a lot of people to help us and brought us to Ida Bay. A lot of phone calls to Ken Tame our insurance agent and after explaining the situation they send a small flat bed trailer who was useless. Another lot of phone calls to Ken Tame and they organised a proper recovery team. They also informed us that the insurance only pays for one tow and we had to pay the second one ourselves. This will disputed as soon as we are in the rally. We did not sustain any injury and the recovery team got the bus out without any damage. We are in Hobart now with friends from Paul. Troy Sharpe lived with us in Townsville for some time a long time ago. Next day to Naomie and John. Naomie is the daughter of Maarten and Norma Black, family from Susan. Naomie was not home but we had a pleasant day there and they live very close to where the motorhome rally is.
12 March and off to the rally site in Pontville just north of Hobart. There were very few motorhomes in front of us and we were on our spot in 10 minutes. We were straight away greeted with good to see you because a few people heard of our mishap. There are 600 motorhomes here. The weather is perfect and everyone is close to where the action is. Normally they have a banner parade to show the different chapters. But this will be the last one. There are about 110 and it takes too long. The banner I am carrying is from another chapter in Townsville because they had no representation. Our chapter is the Tropical Coast Wanderers.