van Blokland

The first actual recording of the name, in the early 13th century, was noted in Denmark but as it was a name of great antiquity in Holland it is highly likely that the ancestors of the bearers of the name were in Holland long before any recording of names.


The colour white as a field colour is significant of Peace and sincerity. Black is symbolic  of constancy. Gold, one of the two metals of armory is significant of generosity. The bars are representative of the military belt and were granted as recognition for active duty. The star denotes one considered to have given everything humanly possible. The crown was granted to those whose loyalty to the crown had been tried and proven.


Originated in Germany in Saxen  The first recording of the name was in Pomerania in the early 11th century. The name Schimmel has been recorded throughout Europe.


The colour gold denotes generosity. Generosity does not mean mass distribution of his worldly possessions but denotes a bearer of arms who can display a true Christian charity in victory. Black is symbolic of constancy. The anchor was the Christian emblem of hope. The sword was considered a weapon suited both for justice and its execution. The lion has always held a high place in heraldry and has ever been the emblem of the warrior.