The arrow indicates where we live. Castle hill is the prominent landmark.

The lounge consists of a three seater a two seater and recliner. The whole house has security screens. and there is a simple alarm system.

This is the formal dining room. Also a book case and desk. 

The master bedroom has a double bed, dressing table and wardrobe.

The second bedroom also has a double bed, a set of drawers and a wardrobe.


The bathroom is fairly spacious because the builder made it in to a cyclone shelter. The walls and ceiling are made from concrete. There is a shower, bath and washbasin. The toilet is situated beside the bathroom.

The spacious kitchen has a breakfast bar, dishwasher, microwave, two door fridge.

Adjacent to the kitchen is the informal lounge. It has a bench which can be made in to a bed and a small tv.

There is a second bathroom. Only a shower toilet and wash basin. Opposite is a sewing room and laundry. A second fridge for emergencies.

Front yard

This is the way the house looked when we bought it.

            The house is half obscured by scrubs.

The garage door has a remote control. 

Another view from the front.                                       The two windows are from the two bedrooms.

 Front porch.                                  View from the living room.

The right hand side only has a bit of grass and space for the air-conditioning units. 

Back yard.

The block of land is 600square Metre. The house is build in a L shape. Most of the backyard is grass with a border of shrubs.

              There is a large roofed area for entertainment a BBQ, fan  and small TV.

The small strip at the back is for the washing line.                    There is an automatic watering system.

 The shed is for garden equipment and two pushbikes.