Miscellaneous trips 2012 - 2013

Last updated 16 September 2013

September 2012 we went to a CMCA rally in Boonah which is close to Brisbane Queensland. We have our fixed stops on the way south. Carmilla beach which is very sandy but over the years we have been lucky that we found solid ground. This time we squeezed in between two motorhomes and one had a Dutch couple in it who spend three month a year touring Australia. We taught them our card came bush rummy. Next stop Calliope. This is another place we always stop for a few days.  The Dutchies turned up here later in the afternoon. From here we decided to go inland Bilowela, Monto and Cania gorge. I did a 5KM walk in the gorge and wanted to do another one in the afternoon but it started to rain something we had not seen for seven month. That put a stop to the walk. Just the drive through the gorge was probably the best part of the national park anyway. During the trip down the rain pelted down. Via Gayndah and Kingaroy to Aratula where Rudie and Lenie live. They have 500 acres in the middle of nowhere but it is only 20 Km from the rally site. The place was packed already. There are 300 volunteers who come a week early and even we were allowed to come in one day before the official opening there hardy seeped a vacant spot left. During the week we met up with a few motorhomers we had not seen in a while. There were  18 units from our chapter the Tropical Coast Wanderers and we spend every happy hour with them. The entertainment every night was good but we are getting a bit older and did not stay to the end as we used to. After one week it was all over again. We traveled back via Lamington National Park and went to Binna Burra. We had wanted to do this the in January but the weather was so bad that the roads were closed.
The trip back was very quick. We did stop in Brisbane only to visit Linda Lewellyn. I did want to avoid the Bruce Highway so we traveled north via Maleney. This is beautiful country. The road often follows a ridge so you have marvellous views either side of the road. We had to take the Bruce Highway from Rockhampton north. The amount of roadwork was just horrendous. But you can't have it both ways a good road and no delays. For the truckies it must be a nightmare.
We happened to be with Luke and Nikaela in Mackay on my birthday another excuse to go out for dinner. Next day back in Townsville.  The Dutch couple Aad en Ria who looked after the house while we were gone were probably not happy to see us because they had a great time exploring the area.

        Two National Parks.                              The flower is in Cania Gorge.                       The peak is in Lamington National Park


Nikaela and Luke when we passed through Mackay on the way home.           Aad en Ria Bakker looked after our house

2013  Straight after new year we drove to the Atherton Table Land because it got too hot in Townsville and the temperature there was perfect. Did all the touristy things, Herberton historical village and camera museum. A very relaxing time was had at Lake Tinnaroo. Just sat in front of the motorhome and looked out over the lake. It got a bit chilly during the night.
                           Lake Tinnaroo                                                                   Herberton historical village
             Mission Beach council caravan park                                       Tropical Coast Wanderers
For Easter 2013 we will be camping in Ravenswood. This is an old gold mining town with a lot of history.
Half way April we will be attending another rally from the motorhome club in Maryborough. This will be the first time we volunteer at a rally. We were one of 280 volunteers.  Susan as first aid and I will be driving the bus in to town. The rally site is a fair bit out of town and you can not drive your motorhome out to do the shopping. The weather was good and we met up with a lot of people we had not seen for a while. The trip home was done fast with only a two day stop in Carmilla Beach and  Mackay for mothers day. When  home it was back to the daily routine and volunteer work at Vincent de Paul and North Queensland Transport. In the mean time Susan organized a la di dah dinner party for the people we have previously been invited.

   Maryborough rally. Can you spot our motorhome?

  Caliope River camp site                       Paul Susan and Luke                                    Dinner party at the Schimmels
                                            Dam Fine Rally Townsville 2013 beside the Ross River Dam
A few weeks later we drove to Mareeba in the Atherton tablelands because there was another motorhome rally. There were slightly more motorhomes here than in Townsville. A little bit of rain but another good rally. We have been here several times over the last 10 years. On the way back to Townsville we drove via Karunda and the Barron Gorge. When we drove around in Cairns the clutch started slipping. Luckily it could be adjusted so we could still be driving. We had not been to the Tully gorge for a long time. This is where the white water rafting starts. I prefer to just watch. We also spend spend three days in Ingham for the Italian festival. The bus spend two weeks in the garage to get the clutch fixed. Luckily this happened now because we are going to the Birdsville races which are in nomans land.
Christmas hat parade in Mareeba.                Barron falls                                    Tully river white water rafting
For the Birdsville trip go to the relevant page. Watch out for our trip to China October 2013