Kosciuzco to Townsville 2004

18 February to 30 February 2005.

One more dam to view before heading for Tumut. The views in this part of Australia are fantastic. Tumut itself is a small village where we did some shopping and from there heading towards Bathurst. It took us a while to get there. At least the roads are not as steep as before and we can travel again around 85 KM/H. instead of 20 uphill and 60 downhill because the bends are too sharp. The countryside is hilly and mainly dairy industry apart from Young where they have cherries and peaches. The largest cherry farm in Australia is here. We also did as we do in a lot of places a heritage walk. Most cities have a pamphlet which guide you around the place with a description of when it was build, what it was used for and what it is for today. 19 Feb. We had a walk through the Japanese garden in Cowra today. During the last war the Japanese living in Australia were in prison here. The camping we are today is the best we have had. New toilet block with shower. (Cold) Views on a wind farm. Next morning cold, raining and time to pack up again. We had a short stop in Bathurst. I had hoped to take the bus on Mount Panorama. This is the spot where the biggest 1000 KM, V8 motor race in Australia is held, but they had a fun run on the track and it was closed otherwise our "home" would have been flying on conrod straight where the super cars normally go at 300 KH. Another heritage house we wanted to visit and took us 15 minutes to find was closed. From Bathurst via Oberon to the Jenolan Caves. It said at the start of the trip that the road was not suitable for busses and caravans and they were right. It was very steep and very tight corners. The downpour and low clouds did not help either. But when we got there the bus drove right through one of the caves.


We could not go to a camping site because the roads had been washed out by the rain from the last two days. We camped on one of the car parks and luckily the next morning the weather had cleared and booked in to the Orient Cave tour. We have seen a few caves but these were the best yet. 


It is difficult to show the magnificence of these caves in a photo.  21 Feb.  later in the morning we continued to Katoomba. This is the home of the three sisters. These are a rock formation. Before we found it we got lost but found the house of an uncle of Susan which we visited 33 years ago. Their house burned down when there were big bushfires in the Blue Mountains. In case you want a photo of the house after it has been rebuilt send me an Email. The three sisters site has been enormously improved since we were there. Now you can stand at the edge of the rock an look out over the valley, spectacular.

The Three Sisters.    This photo does not do justice to the magnificent view from the platform.

Later in the afternoon a short drive to Lithgow and this time a caravan park at the edge of a lake. Next morning visited the small arms factory. During the war most of the ammunition and armoury where manufactured here. Also had a look at the ruins of a iron smelter and after some shopping drove north to Mudgee. Some very impressive old buildings here. Just north of Mudgee found a Quiet spot to camp. 23 Feb. We did a lot of driving today. Via Dunedoo to Tamworth and we spend the night in Bendemeer. This place are two houses and a pub. Susan happy because she can watch all her soapies via satellite on the TV.   24 Feb. More of the New England Highway. Armidale, Glen Innes, Tenterfield, Stanthorpe, Warwick and on to the Bunya Mountains. A lot of KM but he scenery is nice but a lot of KM the same nice. West of Toowoomba we did not take the highway and on some country roads we saw acres of sunflowers.

25 Feb. At night we stayed just south of the Bunya Mountains. We are really moving now. We only drove through the mountains because we had to be in Moura and Luke by the 27th. We arrived there Sunday afternoon and we had only just settled in the caravan park when we got a phone call from our house sitters that they had a break in on Sunday morning.  By than we did not know what had been stolen but found out when we got home that the only things missing where from the house sitters. Laptops, Hi Fi, Flat screen TV, computer stuff. They got in by breaking a window.    On Sunday night we had dinner with Luke and friends but you keep thinking about what had happened at home. Next morning we were on the road by 6AM. Drove all day till we got close to home where we spend the night with friends from the motor home club and drove an hour next morning  to Townville. Here we found that there was no mess and only a few things had gone. Still $8000 worth. Later on Susan found that one gold ring had disappeared. Also the DVD I made from our Australian round trip. They would have taken more if Susan's car would have started but because it had not been used for three month the battery was flat. Susan had the jewellery and silver hidden. We slept in our own bed again on Sunday night. I woke up in the middle of the night and my first thought was where in the bush are we camping now, but it did not take long to realize where I was.